Introducing Tutorials on UiPath New Features

  • UiPath Data Service
  • UiPath Interactive Sign-in
  • UiPath Diagnosis Tool — Not a part of 20.8 preview. This is an additional video done to explore a tool which comes in handy when troubleshooting issues.
  • UiPath AI Fabric for Document Understanding — This segment focuses on how to use AI Fabric out-of-the-box models to process documents

UiPath Data Service

The UiPath Data Service is a new data storage service that brings you a powerful platform for no-code data modeling and storage capabilities. Similar to a usual database like SQL, UiPath Data Service acts as a centralized, secure, and reliable relational storage for your business data. It seamlessly integrated with your UiPath Studio and the robots allowing you to use the data models you built within the RPA workflows with a simple set of activities.

UiPath Interactive Sign-in

UiPath Interactive Sign-in provides you a personalized experience by allowing your UiPath Assistant to connect to your resources available across the UiPath platform. According to the previous versions, the UiPath Assistant connects to the Orchestrator through the Machine Key. With the new release, you can connect your Assistant using the same account you use to login to the UiPath platform.

UiPath Diagnosis Tool

UiPath Diagnosis Tool is not a part of UiPath 20.8 release. This tool was available since 20.4 release. It is a standalone tool that enables better collection of diagnosis information for easy troubleshooting. The tools comes in bundled with the UiPath installation. However, if it is not available in your system, you can easily download it through the Resource Center in the UiPath Cloud Platform.

UiPath AI Fabric with Document Understanding

Ever wondered how to build your models in AI Fabric and use it for document processing? The below video tutorial describes the use of AI Fabric to build out-of-the-box AI models to process documents.



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Lahiru Fernando

Lahiru Fernando

UiPath MVP/ Executive Lead — Robotic Process Automation/ UiPath Community Leader for SAARC Region/ UiPath Community Moderator