Start Your RPA Journey Through UiPath Academy

Lahiru Fernando
6 min readMay 7, 2021

All the big dreams are achieved by starting with small steps. We all have different backgrounds. There is no easy path to reach your goals. But, we can find amazing resources on our way to boost our career to where we need to get.

UiPath Academy is one of the best platforms we have to start our journey in RPA.

Personal experience:

I come from a Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing background. When I kept my first steps in RPA, the UiPath Academy guided me to understand where to start and my path to become a professional in RPA. Provided guidelines, simple and easy-to-understand courses helped me to grab the basics of RPA and UiPath within weeks. I had a goal to become an RPA Solution Architect. Having the goal, I started learning UiPath from the very basics. I started with the RPA Starter course, RPA Developer Foundation course and moved to the RPA Developer Advanced course. Hence I was able to grab the concept easily; I was able to learn fast. Once I covered everything up to the advanced level, I applied for the certification program to become certified as an UiPath Advanced RPA Developer. We had the previous version of the certification platform to sit for a quiz and a practical exam.

After getting through the certification, I started the other courses in the Academy to obtain the Architect diploma. Being a Solution Architect is not easy. Hence, I covered all the courses, including RPA Business Analyst Foundation, RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation, and RPA Solution Architect Foundation courses, to gain the knowledge I need.

The knowledge and recognition I got through the Academy courses helped me get to the next level in my career. Within a couple of months, I was able to apply the knowledge I gained on real-world projects to demonstrate my capabilities which paved the way to becoming a Solution Architect and an RPA Team Lead.

In summary, UiPath Academy is my foundation in the RPA world.

I’m sure your next question is going to be, “So how can I start my journey?”

Answer is:

Understanding the basics of RPA and UiPath is the foundation. UiPath Academy provides a strong foundation on the basics through different learning plans.

For Newbies looking for a technical role:

If you are new to RPA, it is probably best to start from scratch. UiPath Academy provides a couple of learning plans to kick off your journey from basics to advanced.

  1. RPA Starter Course — Provides a good understanding of RPA and its importance
  2. RPA Developer Foundation — The Foundation course covers all the basics that you need to know. The foundation course includes the following sections as of today (05.05.2021).
  3. RPA Developer Advanced — Cover the advanced concepts by deep diving into the Robotic Enterprise Framework.
RPA Developer Foundation Course Content

Covering these three courses is enough?
No… Learning never stops. Look for the RPA Developer Continuous Learning course to learn about the latest updates, new features, and new concepts.

Your journey does not stop here…

The UiPath Academy also offers role-based training based on your background or what you need to achieve during your journey. However, knowing the basics is always important irrespective of your background. Hence, make sure to learn the basics by following at least the Starter and the Foundation course.

Are you coming from a non-technical background (ex: finance)?

UiPath offers the RPA Citizen Developer Foundation course for citizen developers. The course focus on the UiPath StudioX. UiPath StudioX enables users from non-technical backgrounds to start with their automation projects without prior technical knowledge.

Does anyone want to become a Business Analyst?

I would suggest that it would greatly benefit knowing some technical aspects of UiPath to assess business processes. UiPath offers a Business Analyst role-based training course to learn how to perform as an RPA Business Analyst.

RPA Business Analyst Foundation

Being a Solution Architect requires a lot of knowledge of the UiPath platform. Most importantly, the role requires knowing the basics and the advanced functionalities to provide the most effective automation solution. Further, a Solution Architect works very closely with the RPA Business Analyst to identify the exact requirements and develop the best solution. Hence, it is crucial to understand the problem a bit from the business perspective as well. Considering the points mentioned, I would recommend following the courses mentioned below to target a Solution Architect role.

  1. RPA Starter
  2. RPA Developer Foundation
  3. RPA Developer Advanced
  4. Solution Architect Foundation
  5. RPA Business Analyst Foundation
  6. RPA Implementation Manager Foundation
  7. RPA Developer Continuous Learning

Further, if you are from the IT infrastructure domain, you have many things to learn too. How about supporting the development team with the best possible infrastructure architecture to host their automation? You can learn about infrastructure-related topics through the RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation course. But remember, irrespective of your domain, you should know the basics of RPA.

RPA Infrastructure Course

Once I complete all these courses, what to do next?


There are many other courses in the Academy that you can follow and learn about the entire UiPath platform. The courses mentioned above cover the basics that you need to know. In addition, there are many other courses in the academy (shared by community contributors and UiPath) addressing their other products and updates.

All Courses in UiPath Academy

Any other resources to learn?

Yes... Check out the following…

  1. UiPath Forum — Get connected, learn from problems others faced, and maybe try to solve their problems by applying the knowledge gained through the Academy.
  2. UiPath Marketplace — Find and try out additional components published by community members, UiPath, and UiPath partners to solve complex tasks.
  3. Community Events — Connect with different chapters around the world, attend live events and learn more.

Still, need help?

Find the experts in the community through the forum, Linkedin, or YouTube and connect with them. They can even be one of your mentors who assist you personally to guide and help you in your career…

As an additional note, I would also recommend applying and do the Certification as well. The certificate increases your chances of getting the perfect opportunity…

Learn more on why it is important and how best to prepare for the certification here…


In summary, I started my RPA journey from knowing nothing to being a UiPath MVP, Solution Architect, and team lead in a reputed company. UiPath Academy provides courses that anyone can easily follow and understand. I hope this guide helps everyone who is starting up their journey in RPA. Please feel free to reach out to me in case you need any support in your journey…

I wish everyone a successful journey…



Lahiru Fernando

UiPath MVP/ Executive Lead — Robotic Process Automation/ UiPath Community Leader for SAARC Region/ UiPath Community Moderator